Dressers Illustrated
Dressers Illustrated

Dressers Illustrated

Dressers with Illustrated Panels

Variety of new and antique pine dressers with painted panel designs commissioned by Eclectique Furniture Cellar on Exeter Quay 1995-2003. These all sold very soon after being on display. Each one is a unique one-off which appeals to people.


Whimsical dresser with translucent green paint scumbled over pine wood to show grain.  Hare and Fox have Acanthus leaves behind, which were a traditional motif in textile and wallpaper designs.  Animal references can be any size, then blown up to be similar size.


CLARICE CLIFF styled design.  Background colour is made translucent by addition of scumble glaze, with colour intensified in lower down.  Painting a darker colour over a light background (orange over yellow) gives a nice bright translucence.


Old dresser updated with contrasting blue and gold designs on door panels, drawer fronts and top plinth.  Painted with scumble glaze for semi transparent colour over woodgrain, sanded off in places, and for distressed aged look on panels.  Inside top shelving backed with wallpaper.

Stylised Tree

Bold yellow and blues transform new pine dresser, with strong tree design over front doors; colours adapted from pottery design 'Honolulu Fern'  by Clarice Cliff.

Outside Eclectique quayside workshop.

Although strikingly different, these sold well.

White Dresser with Morning Glory panels

Dressers painted in two separate parts.  Morning Glory flowers on front panels and top shelf plinth.

Green Dresser with Diamond panels

Dry brushed and scumble painted green with repeated diamond stamped motifs.  Eclectique furniture shop and workshop setting.


Commissions taken for painting new dressers (bare untreated pine): WITH artwork panels.  I can take pieces in two parts; top shelves and bottom cupboard in my own workshop in Exeter.  Other cupboards also.


  • TRANSLUCENT:  One layer of colour stain and satin or matt varnish approx £75 + stain cost.
  • SOLID PAINT:  Undercoat and top coats acrylic eggshell for solid lasting surface £50 pr coat + paint cost.
  • Original artworks designed according to client taste and home decor.  Quotations given. Paint secured with mat varnish.
  •      One panel - (e.g. flowers, birds) approximately £75.00  (less or more according to area coverage).