Balconies and Patios
Balconies and Patios

Balconies and Patios

Tumbling Hilltop Village by Sea

Balconies and patios are a traditional device used in mural design.

This living room mural full height wall niche by chimney breast, gives an illusion of a view to an ocean. The situation is exactly where the real ocean view 'is' beyond the real house in Bude, Cornwall, which is also on a hill above the town.  Where possible this adds to bolster the illusion.  Also in this house, a mural of Venice (one of my best) which the owner originally declined to have publicised.

Trevose Golf Green

Patio Garden Trellis Feature

Mural commissioned by lady for her golf playing husband. A bit tricky to put together with a few photos from owner and online research to achieve correct view.  It looks great set within the blue trellis with augmenting stones.  Even on a dull day the sun 'shines' on the golf grass.

Lavender Steps on Patio



Patio area had a bare wall needing an atmospherically expanding mural as a 'view' from the seating area.

Steps theme chosen to integrate with existing terracotta steps to lawn and river frontage.  Also correlating with another flight of steps to street level, between mural and house wall, as house is dug out of hillside.

Thickly pebble-dashed wall meant big brush technique for simple design solution; a walk through Italian hills. A scene like this can be augmented by real lavender or plants at sides of mural.

Swimming Pool Murals in 3 curved alcoves

Balcony, Cypress Trees, Vineyard and Willow Tree

Swimming Pool has 3 retro Palladian columned 180 deg. curved alcoves with trompe l'oeil low balconies. Simple concept with graded mediterranean blue sky, low distance viewed vineyards and forefront cypress trees.  Willow tree and doves are a personal referenced favourite of owners.  CLICK for full image Gallery.

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