Station Murals Restoration
Station Murals Restoration

Station Murals Restoration

Train Station Mural Restoration

Commission 2012 to repair worn, scratched and cracked surfaces on pre-existing murals by different artist.  This job utilised my technical ability in colour matching, to emulate the previous artist's work; who had drawn on Michelangelo's figure paintings to intermix the novel idea of the 'railway station' at Exeter St Davids Station, local to me.  Colours and outlines are all as chosen by original artist, not by restoration artist.

Photos of process:  sanding cracked areas, filling smooth, painting white, then repainting the colours of the figures and clothes over.  Paint was mixed with scumble glaze to achieve lightly transparent layers to build up colour tones similarly to the original colour tones.    Repair areas show before and after for each mural.

Individual Murals featured iin slider galleries.  Play automatically on hover.
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Mural:  Main Steps Archway with figures

Mural:  Woman with Basket

Mural:  Train Goodbye Couple

Mural:  God as Train Conductor

Mural:  Woman with Children

The high murals needed scaffolding to work on.  Throughout the day, a lot of people passed by off the trains, which could be distracting when asking about my work.  It was quite chilly arduous work in the shady stair area.

Mural:  Man with Sports Bag

Mural:  Main steps Archway left

Full project details In Google Photos album