Italian Landscapes
Italian Landscapes

Italian Landscapes

Italian Landscapes

Several murals are influenced by Italian landscapes at a time I was drawn to them, and people were enjoying holidaying in Italy.  I used references from popular Italian Gardens books: hillsides of grapes, fields of sunflowers and especially the Cyprus trees typical of Tuscany and the Umbrella Pines typical of formal gardens. The idea is to give an illusion of a warm landscape in English spaces.

Imaginary landscape, with wall and niches referenced from an Italian Gardens book:  left tower with niche is from The Sacro Bosco, Bomarzo and right tower niche is from The Orti Farnesiani.  Eventually the board was cut into two separate boards, as more standard picture sized 30 inches x 38 inches..

Italian Wall left side portion


Board cut in half:

Niche tower was changed and a peacock was added to the wall for colour contrast and interest.  Enhanced colour also with exterior varnish.

Sold at Malmesbury Abbey House - 'Art Outdoors' Exhibition.

Italian Wall right side portion


Original Italian Wall right side, with added tree right, and stone archway to frame the scene. Topiary at base enhanced with added lemon trees.

Photographed in artist's garden, and on show under wooden pagoda at Abbey House, Malmesbury. 'Art Outdoors' exhibition.

Available: currently in artist's possession.  (Niche right side needs the purple toning down).

Paintings on Show at 'Art Outdoors' exhibition Abbey House Malmesbury

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Sculptures from Art Outdoors exhibition. [To ADD]