Living Coasts Restaurant
Living Coasts Restaurant

Living Coasts Restaurant

Living Coasts Aquatic Zoo Restaurant

Below the restaurant is a deep glass sided visitor aquarium with seals, penguins and water foul, who have access to upper level outside rocks and sand pens.  Together with the proximity of the ocean, this was my inspiration to paint an underwater scene with water flow movements.

The restaurant was being redecorated and redesigned by an interior designer I knew who added a wave formed ceiling and a 'blue wave' board over the large scenic window.  The mural board is 8ft x 4ft plywood. Two murals were planned: the second for the other tall wall left in above photo was in design stage, but owners declined for financial reasons without seeing the idea.  It was to explore the patterns in the sand at low tide with water between the ridges and with seaweed designs out of water.  I happened to start the blue one first, so it remained the only one.

Mural design was to reflect an idea of the ocean bed element, being so close to the aquarium, built out over the rocks.  Three sections of colours:  Layers of wavy blue over lighter backgrounds create water currents.  A fossil shell relief area was created with tissue paper and PVA glue to create a relief which could be highlighted.  Blue paint was actually rubbed off to reveal pale beneath, as 'fossils' and texture.  In 2021 I think it needed some fish behind the seaweed.    Click to view light box.

Seaweed was collected from the nearby beach and used to 'print' paint in the centre section, producing an interesting realistic effect.  A waiter commented that it moves when he walks past it: an unintended but fantastic result!

Living Coasts penguins and ducks

Following Covid-19, the aquatic zoo is closed.  Such a shame, as the position is perfect, with fresh sea water being pumped continuously into the large aquarium, sea lion pool and penguin pool.  It was an important visitor attraction at Torbay Harbour which my homestay language students always enjoyed.  The restaurant closed years ago when I enquired about the mural.

Living Coasts sea views

The outside area of the restaurant has a path around with glass between stanchions, giving a wind free seating area; a very pleasant places to sit watching cormorants diving from the rocks and the sun setting.  Artist and assistant enjoyed an evening drink on the patio.   Slideshow stops on 'hover'. Click images for light box view.

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