Chests of Drawers and Cupboards
Chests of Drawers and Cupboards

Chests of Drawers and Cupboards

Chests of Drawers and Cupboards

BRIGHT or MUTED colours in a variety of designs.  Colour and design themes are either those commissioned by Eclectique Cellar furniture shop  where I had a workshop space, or by an Interior Designer I was working with whose clients asked for specific colours and theme to compliment their interior design.  I visited clients' houses to assess the room and soft furnishings colours.

Oregon Trail Chest of Drawers

Chest of drawers was coordinated with Oregon Trail chest theme; painted with flowers from the Oregon  Wagon Trail, which the owner had been travelling for holidays.  She had observed and explained in detail the types of flowers along the way, so I could research prairie images which she verified authentic to use.  Beige overall background is dry brushed (streaked) in several beige tones to give effect of dry bush lands and dusty trail.  Inside of drawer panels and side panels have aged 'dirty' corners.

Chinoiserie Blossom and Branch

Pale blue graded from mid tone to light at top.

Book Case in Abstract Mexican Design

Very light blue colour wash background with bright motifs all around.  Terracotta inside shelving.

Pale blue bedside cupboard

First paint coat white:  dry brushed technique with blue tones.

Peony motif in door panel.

Checks & Bow Corner Cupboard

Blue yellow and white with blue 'bow' carving, and glass door.


Wine Rack

Dark Green and terracotta with grapes illustration on lower front door.

Colours matched to client's interior.


Shell and Fossil Cupboard

Two tone beige and blues.