Celtic Roses
Celtic Roses

Celtic Roses

Celtic Knot Border and Rose

CELTIC ROSES DESIGNS:  Experiments in 2021 are orientated around rose illustrations combined with Celtic knot designs, as a new theme of focus.  These are small boards A4 size.  Pastel backgrounds were applied to four sample boards for experimentation, designed to allude to an abstracted landscape or sky background, with possible inspiration for mural ideas.  Roses painted for enjoyment; all from artist's own climber rose Madam Alfred Carriere.

ROSE COLOURING is slightly emphasised from visible tones in petals; for example grey shadows can be created by dulled beige, pink, blue, lilac.

White rambler, Madame Alfred Carriere, has a pale peach centre when freshly opening and often 'frilly' internal petal formations, curled in, opening out as rose withers.

Celtic Triskele and Roses

TRISKELE OUTLINE is enlarged with scanner to fit board then traced down before rose painted.  Rose photo is scanned to required size before outline traced down, painted all white, then details.  Triskele shapes are in slightly translucent paint mix to give experimental idea of stained glass.

These designs are possibly suitable for gift cards.  The small scale is a new discipline for me (very different to murals).

Celtic Columns in 'Skyscape' with Roses and Dried Petals

Experimental idea on small board

Background of brushed blue and lilac becomes a skyscape, augmented by using 'ground' device of darker tone and dried glued rose petals.


To add decorative elements and include more symbols of a 'landscape', dried rose and tulip petals were glued to painting.

This idea can be developed, even without floral paints included.

Sky-scape with Celtic columns and Roses

Upper section

Lower section.

Illusion of a ground by gluing dried rose and tulip petals.

Finished painting in different lights. The brightest is in full sun.

Square Celtic Knot border design - 35cm x 32cm.   Circle Triskele design - 34cm. x 29cm.   I have no plan for these samples currently, maybe adapted for gift cards.  Larger scale art boards 36 x 36 inches are in development and will be added here 2023....