China Orchids Restaurant
China Orchids Restaurant

China Orchids Restaurant

China Orchids - Chinese Restaurant

'China Orchids' - Orchids Room & Peony Room

'Orchids' main restaurant room has an illusion of being in a Chinese landscape.  This is achieved by drawing an eye level distant horizon of misty mountains, often seen in traditional Chinese art, with space to intimate water, rather than covering the walls with painting.  The idea is to emulate traditional Chinese art.  Chinese stylization is emulated in the trees and the rocks.   Click for full images.

'China Orchids' - Small room

Main tree image with orchids growing from trunk. (size unrealistically enlarged for effect).

Exotic orchids:  Left: Paphiopedilum.  Purple striped: Odentiglossum . Pink striped ? find

'China Orchids' - Peony room

Back room restaurant has gigantic peonies; pink, red, white and yellow either side of main wall length.