Heritage Murals
Historical Designs

Historical Designs

Furnishing Textiles with History

These themes can be freshly worked on as mural board paintings

My last furnishing textile designs for agencies around 1993 were leaning towards historical illustration.   I still have some of these designs unsold in 'half-drop repeat' for industrial printing.  Where full repeat is visible, the top matches to the bottom and the sides match in 'half-drop', in mathematical precision.  These can also be seen on TEXTILES Amelia Jane Designs    

Persian Piri

Design influenced by old Persian illustrations of 'Piri' angel type figures in gardens.

Stylised rocks, almost Chinese style and many birds with a river running through.

There was a period when the agency I sold designs through was producing one colour only designs, which this reflects.

Crossing The Rubicon

The River Tiber and Rubicon of ancient Rome meanders across the design of old fortresses and heros, with texts of historical names and a boat in the once renowned (now inland) Ostia Harbour.




This design uses only 4 colours, and might look good in sepia tones, or could be reconceived in brighter colours.

Medieval Pageantry

Original playful design uses Celtic knot pattern in a lattice work to enclose vignettes of old woodcuts and illustrations.

St. George and the Dragon

Lady in Castle

Stag in the forest

Unicorn of folklore

This design could be adapted, using the lattice as a border only, with the elements together in one landscape with a muted colour palette.


A simple collage using photocopies of relief stone carvings depicted in 3 colours.


Chariot races



The Eternal City

ROME The Eternal city walls weave through this 3-colour design.

Marcus Aurelius

The River Tiber and bridges

Baccus - cherubs picking grapes

Explorers - Old illustrations

Famous explorer story ? from ancient charming illustration references

Roman Farm Villa stencil

Folk art styled Roman Villa and farm created with stencils.

Features villa, tree, flute player, horse, bird, duck.

Europa with Cupid and Psyche in garden

Textile Design influenced by the Symbolists School of painting.  Left figure copied in reverse from Gustave Moreau: See Moreau Museum 'The Unicorns' or my Pinterest board Painting History.

Similar decadently clad figures also represent 'Europa' and 'Salome' The Apparition and other paintings.

Also The Rape of Europa is a similar theme to William BlakeSymbolists took up the religious divine art of Blake.

See video of some paintings in Fogg Museum, Harvard